How does it work ?

Ask your Pro is a platform that matches you with the best expert for your situation. Thanks to our technology, you can ask all your questions for free to the right expert. By using our platform, you can be assured to get fast, reliable and confidential answers.

How much does it cost ?

Nothing. Ask your Pro is a free service. We are currently monetizing the service through carefully curated ads.

In some cases, you may need to take an appointment or consult with an expert. Each health care professional is responsible for establishing pricing based on their own professional services. Some services may be covered by your insurance (private or RAMQ) and eligible for tax deductions. To find out more, ask your healthcare professional. To find out more, ask your healthcare professional.

Is it secure and confidential?

Yes, our service meets all federal and provincial health data privacy laws and regulations.

Can my question be shared publicly ?

Yes, the healthcare professional who has answered your question can share it publicly. This allows us to help as many patients as possible, who, like you, are looking for reliable answers concerning their health.

Don’t worry, we make sure that you cannot be identified from the content of the conversation.

Can we see my name when my question is shared publicly ?

No, your question will be posted anonymously. Only your age and gender will appear. Also, we make sure that you cannot be identified from the content of the conversation.

Does everyone have access to my profile and personal information ?

No, only health professionals who answer your questions can access your profile and your personal information.

Can I ask a question for someone else ?

Yes, you can ask a question for someone else. We assume that person gave their full consent to discuss their personal health information to us.

Can I choose the health expert who answers my question ?

No, you cannot. Our artificial intelligence takes care of that. Our technology analyzes your question and sends it to the right expert to advise you.

How long does it take to get an answer ?

The response time is variable. Healthcare professionals receive a significant amount of questions every day and do their best to answer as soon as possible. Usually, the average response time is between 4 to 24 hours. Some questions may be more complex and require additional time.

N.B: Make sure that your account is activated so that we can send you an email notification once your question has been answered.

Why haven't I received a response yet ?

There can be several reasons. First, make sure that you activated your account. This is the first step to being able to forward your question to a health expert.

Allow between 4 to 24 hours for a health expert to respond. Some questions are more complex and need more time.

Once your question has been answered, you will receive a notification by email. You will have to connect on askyourpro’s platform to see the answer.

Why is it important to complete my profile?

The information in your profile allows health experts who answer your questions to learn more about you and your health. This way, they make sure that their suggestions and recommendations are appropriate for your health situation.

What is the purpose of completing a survey once my question has been answered?

This short survey allows health professionals to have feedback on their interactions with you. They can measure their impact on health care and services. This feedback also allows them to ensure that they have indeed answered your question.

You will receive it within 7 days after you received an answer.

How do I activate my account ?

Activating your account is very simple. You must first create an account. Then, you will receive an activation link by email.

If you want more information, check «Create your account»

Can I edit my question or add information ?

Yes, you can. As long as your conversation with a health expert is ongoing, you can add information. Simply write down additional information or information to be corrected in a new box.

If you want more information, check «Edit my question».